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2021 OA Dues / Gold Card

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Lodge Dues for 2021 are due!!!

Annual Registration (Dues) is $15.00.  This may be paid to the WTAC Office online (wtacbsa.org) or by mail. 


Why don’t you upgrade to the Ittawamba Gold Card?  With one payment you receive admission to all Lodge events for the 2021 Lodge year.  These include:

  • Annual Registration- $15.00
  • Ordeal 1 - $25.00 (Service flap included)
  • Ordeal 2 - $25.00 (Service flap included)
  • Beaver Day - $5.00.   (Service flap included)
  • Training - $20.00 (Training flap included)
  • Fall Fellowship - $25.00 (FF patch included)
  • Winter Banquet - $25.00  (Winter Banq. flap included)

The cost for your Ittawamba Gold Card is only $120.00.  A savings of $20.00.  You aren’t coming to all of the Lodge events you say?  WHY NOT??

Buy the Ittawamba Gold Card and you will have incentive to come.  You will also avoid the hassle of payment with each event (and you can avoid those dreaded late fees that may well attach if you do not register prior to events.).

Ittawamba Gold Cards must be purchased by Winter Banquet

Get your Ittawamba Gold Card online at wtacbsa.org or mail your check to: 

West Tennessee Area Council /1995 Hollywood Drive/Jackson, TN 38305/ Attn: OA Gold Card


1995 Hollywood Drive, Jackson, TN 38305  ♦ Phone: 731-668-3787 ♦ Fax: 731-668-3788