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2019 Davy Crockett Pinewood Derby

2019 Davy Crockett Pinewood Derby
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2700 Lake Road
Dyersburg, TN 38024, US
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Davy Crockett District Pinewood Derby

March 2, 2019

at Dyersburg Mall hosted by Pack 88

Open to all Friends and Family, not just cub scouts.  $5 per entry.

  • Entry Fee is $5.00 per Car.  Scouts may enter only one “race car” for their respective Rank in the Cub Scout Race.  All Scout “race cars” are considered for Cub Scout Best in Show judging.  The $5.00 entry fee allows Scouts to enter a second car if they so chose made specifically for Best in Show judging.  The second car for Best in Show judging will “not” be raced.  This allows Scouts to make a “race car” designed for speed and a “creative car” for Best in Show.  Both cars will be considered for Best in Show with only the “race car” allowed to race.   Scouts may enter additional cars to be raced and judged in the Kid’s Open Class but must pay additional $5.00 entry fees for each car.   Fees are non-refundable. 
  • Scout participants are advised to pre-register online at www.wtacbsa.org   Open Class participants  are advised to register on race day.                                                                                                             
  • Check-In is from 8:00-9:30am.  Racing starts at 10:00am.  Best of Show judging will be from 9:30-10:00am
  • Cars must be Checked-In by 9:30am to be eligible to race so arrive well before the end of the Check-In/Inspection time.
  • Cars may be Checked-In and raced by the car owner, parent, or a Pack Leader.
  • Once the car is Checked-In and has passed inspection the car is impounded and will only be handled by Race Officials.
  • Racing times may vary according to Check-In volume.  Racing times will not be earlier, but may be later. 
  • Awards will be given out at the end of all races. 
  • SPECIAL NOTE TO ALL CONCERNED:  This project is for the Adult Partner and Scout, and is recommended as such by the National Boy Scouts of America.  The Council Staff STRONGLY SUGGESTS that each Pack Leader emphasize this within the Pack.
  • Opening Ceremonies will be conducted before the first race.  Packs are welcome to bring their Pack flags for display!!!
  • Each Scout should, if possible, wear his Class A Uniform or Class B Pack T-Shirt.  Family and friends are also encouraged to wear Scout attire. 

Race Details: 

  • Trophies will go to the top 3 racers of each Rank:  Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos
  • Grand Champion Trophy will go to the winner of the Champion’s race between 1st place in each Rank.
  • Best in Show Trophy will go to one Cub Scout entry selected from all Ranks:  Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos
  • Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 racers of the Kid’s Open Class.  (17 and under only)
  • Best in Show Trophy will go to one child from the Kid’s Open Class.  (17 and under only)
  • Kids will only compete against Kids.  Adults will only compete against Adults.
  • No Trophies will go to adult participants.  The Adult Open Class race and Adult Best in Show will be for Bragging Rights only!!!
  • Open Class participants should be affiliated with a Davy Crockett District Pack and may require approval from a Registered Pack Leader upon Check-In
  • Please bring your cameras and take lots of photos so some pictures can be put in local papers!!!
  • For information contact:  District Executive Laura Holz 570-560-8004

Register online at www.wtacbsa.org

Davy Crockett District Pinewood Derby Guidelines & Rules 2019

Good sportsmanship and behavior is expected.  Unsportsmanlike conduct by any Scout and or adult will not be tolerated. Race Officials may ask anyone not following this rule to leave. 


  • Design:  The Scout and adult partner should make the car together as a project.  It is not intended that the parent show the Scout the garage door then walk away.  Nor is it intended that the Scout play video games while the adult partner does most of the work.  Parents should shape with the power tools and then direct the rest of the action while showing the Scout each step in building the car.  Cars must be built with as much Scout participation as safety allows.  No previously built cars are allowed.   
  • Materials:  Only Official Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby car kits and parts should be used.  Look for the BSA Officially Licensed Product Hologram sticker when buying parts.  If unofficial parts are used and deemed by Race Officials to offer an “unfair advantage” your car may be ineligible to race. 
  • Width/Length/Height:  Car must not be more than 2  3/4 inches wide. (Outside wheel to outside wheel.)  This is to prevent your car from interfering with other cars on the track.  Car must not be more than 7 inches long.  Cars may be less than 7 inches long.  Car must not exceed a height of 3 inches. 
  • Wheel Placement:    The wheel base distance between front and back axles must not be lengthened or shortened from the measurement of 4  3/8 inches.  You are not required to use the precut axle slots on the wood block.  You may drill your own axle holes.  Wheels must not extend beyond the front or rear of the car.  The car body must be  1  3/4 inches wide at the axles.  The four wheels, two on each side, must be placed so that the car will straddle the track lane guides.  Be advised, if the car body width has been reduced between the axles to less than 1  3/4 inches your car may not straddle the track lane guides and may fail to go down the track.
  • Axles & Wheels:   Axles may be filed, sanded, and or polished to remove burrs, crimp marks, and excess metal.  Machined and or grooved axles are not permitted.  You may lightly sand the wheels to remove any molding seams on the tread in order to true the wheel.  You may remove molding seams from the wheel  hubs and ream/polish the axle holes.  No other wheel changes and or modifications are allowed.  The car should be assembled so that all four wheels touch the track. 
  • Bottom Clearance:  The bottom of the car must clear the track for optimal performance.  The Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit guidelines state “Bottom clearance between car and track 3/8 inch.”  Clearance of less than 3/8 inch will “not” result in automatic ineligibility, but may result in poor performance if your car contacts the track.   Many tracks can be raced with less than 3/8 inch clearance.  Each track is different.  Be advised, adding external weights to the bottom of your car may lower the clearance so much that your car may contact the track.  Slow race times or failure of your car to go down the track due to contact with the track will stand.  
  • Magnets:  No magnets of any kind are allowed to be used on the car either for a weight or a decoration.  This may interfere with the computer timers. 
  • Springing:  The car may not ride on any type of springs. 
  • Lubrication:  Only dry lubricants will be permitted.  Powdered Graphite is the lubricant of choice.  White Graphite/HBN Powder (Hexagonal Boron Nitride) is not allowed.  You may not use any other lubricants such as oils and or silicone sprays.  No lubricants may be applied after the car has been Checked-In.  No lubricants may be applied between races. 
  • Weight:  Finished race cars must not weigh more than 5oz.  The weight shown on the Official Race Scale is final.  If the car is heavier than the 5oz requirement and or does not pass the initial Check-In Inspection, the Race Official will return the car so adjustments can be made to meet guidelines for final Check-In Inspection.  The Race Official will inform the participant of the exact problems that need to be corrected.  All weights, car parts, and materials must be firmly attached.  Once a car meets the 5oz weight and other requirements, the Race Official will keep the car.  No improvements or alterations can be made after this.  The car will not be returned until all races are over.  Be advised, cars significantly “underweight” may not make it to the Finish Line. 
  • Cars entered for Best in Show judging “only” that will “not” be raced do not have to adhere to all the above race rules concerning width, length, height, or weight.  Be creative!!!

Ground Rules

  • Only Race Officials and Judges are permitted inside the race track area.  Violation of this rule will result in a car being disqualified. 
  • All races will be raced on a multiple lane track.  Each car will go down every lane.  The races are based on time, not the cars you are currently racing against. 
  • The participants name is placed in numerical order during Check-In.  All cars will be assigned a “race identification number.”  Race Officials will place the cars on the race track in numerical order as outlined by the track software program. 
  • If a car leaves the race track, runs out of its lane, or interferes with another car, the heat may be rerun for the cars that have been affected.  Repairs can be made quickly within 3 minutes.  If the same car causes problems again or repairs cannot be made in a timely manner, the car may be removed from future races and will be judged last in the Scout’s respective Rank. 
  • If a “Tie” must be resolved between  cars after multiple lanes of racing times, the cars will race on lanes of the Race Officials choosing.  The time will be recorded and then they will switch lanes.  The lowest total time will be the winner. 
  • On the bottom of the car, please include your First and Last Name so that if your “race identification number” falls off of your car we can easily and quickly identify who the car belongs to.  Also, on the bottom of the car, identify the Front and Back of your car for proper placement on the track.  Some cars are designed in such a way that it is not clear to Race Officials which direction the car should be facing on the track. 
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$5.00 per Participant


1995 Hollywood Drive, Jackson, TN 38305  ♦ Phone: 731-668-3787 ♦ Fax: 731-668-3788