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Trainers Edge
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Trainer's Edge Course

  • The Trainer’s EDGE course is an opportunity to review the latest principles and techniques of modern BSA training using various methods and media. The Trainer’s EDGE will enable you to sharpen and develop your communication skills – skills that are invaluable for both Scouting and in your personal life and career.
  • Trainer's Edge will provide ideas and training skills for anyone interested in serving on local district training teams for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing leader training. This event is especially designed for all youth and adult members of Summer Camp staff, National Youth Leadership Training staff, District Training teams, Cub Pack Trainers, and anyone who would like to serve in any of these positions.  Completion of Trainer's Edge is required only once in your Scouting career.  Trainer's Edge is a pre-requisite to be eligible for a Woodbadge Staff position.  You are not required to currently serve as a member of any training team to attend. Enthusiastic, potential trainers at every level are always welcome.
  • Pre-course Preparation: You will have the opportunity in EDGE to develop a short presentation on a topic from any BSA materials. You may wish to bring any BSA materials that might aid your development of the presentation such as props, flip charts, markers, laptop, usb drive, etc. Your presentation will allow you to demonstrate the skills of a trainer. You will receive constructive feedback on your presentation from the other participants
  • For additional information please contact Course Director, John Robinson 731-217-4592 or email: jmrobinsonii@charter.net
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1995 Hollywood Drive, Jackson, TN 38305  ♦ Phone: 731-668-3787 ♦ Fax: 731-668-3788